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What Patients Say?

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Ross Slater

I have been to many dentist over the years and i have to start by saying that the Smile Practice outshines all of them. The treatment, attitude and professional skills shown by the staff were amazing and beyond reproach.I have been with the practice for many years and has recently changed hands in my opinion for the better. Most recently I had a difficult extraction which boardered on surgery but the skill of the dentist stopped this from happening and I had a good result in the end with absolutely no pain at all. I cannot recommend the Smile practice enough and are highly rated in indeed.

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Gary Young

As a nervous patient I was not looking forward to my treatment. I never visit dentist unless I need to (am in a lot of pain). I was made to feel relaxed and the dentist never rush me. They saw how nervous I was. Headphones on, music on n relaxed. Expected 2 filling and ended up with 1 filling and 1 tooth extracted. In the past I was always referred to Hutton surgery. This was to be sedated, which I overcome. This is thanks to the professional treatment given. Both the dentist and their nurse gave me support and encouragement for my treatment. A job that should of taken less than 30 mins took 1 hour 30 mins. This is the professional service in dealing with nervous patients. Everybody I met that works there was friendly and professional towards me. To sum up my treatment....

Would I recommend? YES
Would I return? YES
Friendly Staff? YES
Tick all the right boxes? YES

Still nervous but know that the professional standards of this dental clinic will help overcome it in time. Gotta see hygienist and will leave a separate view after that treatment.Looking forward to my 6 month checkup. If these guys were at this same dentist 35 years ago I know I would not be nervous now at the age of 43.

Thanks. Keep it up.

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Mr Michael stone

An Outstanding Practice. I am a very nervous patient after having a very traumatic experience as a child, but after visiting the practice yesterday can assure anyone looking for a Dentist this has to be the one. I feel silly now that I was nervous. Right from my call to the practice to arrange an appointment, the receptionist was exceptional & very understanding.

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Mark (Basildon)

Been to quite a few dentist around the Basildon area. I went to this dentist a few years ago. Last year I had a bad toothache. All I can say it was the best move ever I done going back there, my dentist there now is the best dentist I have ever had,ive always been scared of the dentist but I don't worry no more as this dentist is great with people and very very good at their job, ive since told all my family who all use them now. Give them a go you wont regret it. Oh and also not forgetting the reception lady (sorry cant remember their name) but they are also great! I hope they keep hold of the surgery and do not sell it,as for as long as they have it,i will be going to the dentist.

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Nadia tuys

I have been to a few dentists in the UK and I was a bit let down by the services compared to the dental services in South Africa (where I am from originally) that is until I visited Smile Dental Center. The dentist has a true passion for their profession and makes me feel 100% comfortable. Treatment was painless and the Dentist made sure I was comfortable throughout the process. I will recommend (and I have recommended) this dentist to anyone looking for painless friendly and caring Dental treatment. Honestly this is the best dentist I've ever been to and all the staff are so helpful. A big thank you to Smile Dental Center.

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